Uncover the Untold Secrets: America’s Ancient Roots Revealed!

Uncover the Untold Secrets: America’s Ancient Roots Revealed!

Welcome to our blog⁣ post, where we are excited to⁤ share our​ first-hand ‌experience with the captivating book, “AMERICA IS THE ‌TRUE OLD ‍WORLD: ‌MU DISCOVERED (Volume I of IV)”. Packed with information and peppered with stunning illustrations, this ​book ‌offers a unique perspective on American and Ancient History that challenges ⁢traditional narratives.

The enthusiastic reviews from readers ⁣on platforms like Amazon and Barnes and Noble speak volumes about the impact of this thought-provoking book. One reviewer, Bookworm33, commends the authors for their meticulous research ⁣and​ praises the book ‍for its informative and entertaining ⁤content. Another⁢ reviewer, Nashoba, shares their personal journey of discovering their indigenous roots and proudly claiming their⁢ Moorish heritage after reading this intriguing work. And an anonymous reviewer ‌from Barnes and Noble highlights the book’s ability to reshape our understanding of history, making it⁤ a must-read for truth seekers⁢ and those with an open mind.

As​ we delved into the pages of “AMERICA IS THE TRUE OLD WORLD: MU⁣ DISCOVERED⁤ (Volume I⁤ of IV)”, ‌we found ‌ourselves engrossed in its​ eye-opening concepts and engaging imagery. With 82 pages of⁤ carefully curated content, this book explores the⁢ idea that America is the true old world, presenting a ​fascinating alternative to what we were taught in history class.

Published by ISBN ‍Agency, ⁢this English-language book is available in paperback and measures 6 x 0.2 x 9 inches.⁣ With its weight of ​2.31 pounds, ‌it ​is ‌both substantial‍ and portable. The inclusion of 40 colorful illustrations adds depth to the author’s​ findings, enhancing the overall reading experience.

So, if you are a ⁤curious mind, a truth⁤ seeker, or simply ⁤someone with⁣ an open ⁤mind, we highly recommend giving “AMERICA IS THE TRUE OLD WORLD: ‍MU DISCOVERED (Volume ⁣I of IV)” a chance. It promises to immerse you in a captivating exploration of history, one that may ⁣challenge your preconceived notions and leave you with​ a fresh⁤ perspective. Prepare to embark on a⁤ journey that is as informative ​as⁤ it is entertaining. Get ready to discover a⁤ new ‍version of American and⁢ Ancient History.

Table ​of Contents


Uncover the Untold Secrets: America’s Ancient Roots Revealed!插图

Get ready for a mind-blowing adventure​ into the untold⁣ history of America with⁢ “America ⁣is ⁤the​ True Old World: MU ⁣Discovered (Volume⁢ I of IV)”. This ⁣captivating book, filled with 82 pages of groundbreaking information, will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about the origins of civilization.

The three authors behind this phenomenal work have gone above ‌and beyond ⁤with their ⁤meticulous research, presenting a wealth ⁤of facts and evidence‍ that will‍ truly open your eyes. As you delve into the pages, you’ll be captivated by the informative and entertaining style of writing, making​ it⁣ a perfect read for those‌ with a curious⁢ mind.

  • With‍ 40 color illustrations, this book brings‌ history to life‍ and allows you to visually ⁣explore the concept that⁣ America is, in fact, the true old ‌world.
  • It challenges the conventional narrative taught in history classes and provides a fresh⁢ perspective on⁣ ancient history that will ⁤leave you reevaluating everything you thought you knew.
  • The ⁤book is organized ‍into multiple volumes, ensuring you can continue ‍your journey of discovery with ​subsequent ​installments.

If you’re a truth seeker or someone with an open mind, “America is the True Old World: MU Discovered” is a must-have addition to your library. Join‌ us on this​ incredible quest to rewrite history and grab your copy‍ today!

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Highlighting ‍the ⁢Intriguing Features of “AMERICA IS THE TRUE OLD WORLD: ⁣MU​ DISCOVERED (Volume I of IV)”

Uncover the Untold Secrets: America’s Ancient Roots Revealed!插图1
In⁤ “AMERICA‌ IS⁤ THE ⁣TRUE⁣ OLD WORLD: MU DISCOVERED (Volume I of‍ IV),”​ we are introduced to a⁢ fascinating exploration of alternative⁤ history‌ and ancient ​civilizations. This short ⁢yet information-packed book is a testament to the incredible research⁢ done by the ​three authors, who have gone above and‌ beyond ⁣to provide readers‌ with a fresh ‍perspective on​ America’s ⁣origins.

One ⁤of ‌the most intriguing features of​ this book ‌is​ the way it​ presents its content. With its captivating images and ⁣links, readers are able to fully immerse themselves in the concept that America may indeed be the true ​old world. The authors skillfully combine informative and entertaining elements, making this a must-read for anyone with a curious⁢ mind. The fact that ⁣this book is part of a larger series adds to its excitement and leaves readers ‍eagerly anticipating the ‍forthcoming volumes.

If you are someone⁢ who enjoys delving ‍into different versions of history, “AMERICA IS THE TRUE OLD WORLD” is the perfect book for you. ⁢With its 40 ​color illustrations and extensive references to support the authors’ work, this book provides​ a fresh ‍and⁤ eye-opening perspective on American and ancient history. ‌It challenges the narratives taught‌ in traditional history classes and ⁤invites readers to become truth-seekers with​ open minds. Prepare to have your understanding of history ‍rewritten and ‍enjoy the⁤ thought-provoking⁤ journey this book offers. ⁢To⁣ get⁢ your⁣ copy and delve into this captivating ‌exploration, click ‌here.

Insights and Revelations from ‌”AMERICA IS THE TRUE OLD⁣ WORLD: MU ​DISCOVERED (Volume‍ I of IV)”

Upon⁢ delving into the pages of “AMERICA IS THE TRUE OLD WORLD: MU ⁣DISCOVERED (Volume I⁢ of IV),” we were captivated by the ​plethora of eye-opening information it contains. The trio of authors seamlessly​ weaves⁣ together a comprehensive tapestry of research, leaving ⁢readers with a profound understanding of the hidden truths that lay⁣ dormant in the annals of history.

This enlightening read challenges conventional beliefs and presents an alternative​ version‍ of American and Ancient History. The inclusion of 40 color illustrations ‍enhances the reading ⁤experience, visually reinforcing the‌ author’s assertions. What sets this book⁣ apart is ⁤not only its⁤ informative ⁢nature but also the⁣ engaging format in which⁣ it⁢ is presented -‍ multiple volumes. This unusual approach ‍ensures that readers can explore the vast ‍concept of America as the true old world ⁢at their own ​pace. As we immersed ourselves​ in its pages, we couldn’t help but be engrossed by the compelling narrative and the thought-provoking journey it invites us on.

To embark on this riveting ​exploration⁤ of history, click here ‌ and let‌ “AMERICA ⁢IS THE ‌TRUE OLD WORLD: MU⁤ DISCOVERED (Volume I of IV)” unveil the secrets of our‍ past.

Recommendations for Exploring‍ the Fascinating Depths of “AMERICA IS THE TRUE OLD WORLD:⁢ MU DISCOVERED (Volume ⁤I of IV)

When ‌it ⁢comes to uncovering ⁣hidden truths and⁣ challenging conventional narratives, “AMERICA​ IS THE ‍TRUE OLD WORLD: MU‌ DISCOVERED (Volume I of IV)” is a⁢ must-read for anyone with a curious mind. This ‌book, filled with jam-packed information, will take you on‌ a thrilling journey through a different version of ‍American and ancient history.⁣ Here are our recommendations for diving into the captivating depths of​ this remarkable work:

  1. Engage with the Color ⁤Illustrations:⁣ With 40 vibrant color illustrations, this book brings history to life. Take the time to examine each image,‌ as they not​ only complement ⁤the text but also‌ offer visual evidence to⁤ support the author’s claims. These illustrations will captivate and inspire you ‌as you unravel the hidden truths within.

  2. Explore the Author’s Authorities: As ‌you read through the⁢ pages of this book, pay attention to the various authorities the​ author references. These sources lend ‌credibility to the author’s work and provide additional avenues ​for⁢ further exploration. Take note of these authorities and consider delving ‍deeper ⁤into their‍ research to expand your⁢ understanding of the subject matter.

  3. Embrace an ‍Open Mind: “AMERICA IS THE TRUE OLD WORLD: MU DISCOVERED” challenges the history we were⁢ taught ‌in school. Approach ​this book with an open mind, willing to question and reevaluate what you thought​ you knew. It’s through‍ this⁣ lens that you’ll truly ‍appreciate the thought-provoking nature of the author’s⁢ work.

  4. Join the ​Rewriting ​of History: Be a part of rewriting history by delving into the⁢ pages of‍ this book. By reading​ “AMERICA IS THE TRUE OLD WORLD: MU ⁢DISCOVERED,” you become an active participant in the uncovering of⁢ fascinating truths. Prepare to have your perspective shifted and your ‍intellectual curiosity ignited.

Ready ‍to embark on ⁣this⁣ eye-opening journey through the depths of history? Grab your copy of “AMERICA IS THE TRUE OLD⁣ WORLD: MU DISCOVERED (Volume‌ I of IV)” and start exploring today. Join us in rewriting history and embracing⁤ a new understanding of America’s ancient roots.

Visit our​ Amazon ‍page to get‍ your copy and discover the ‌captivating truths within.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews‌ Analysis

We’ve gathered some customer​ reviews for the book “AMERICA IS THE TRUE OLD WORLD: MU ​DISCOVERED (Volume I of IV)” and here’s what people ​are saying:

Review Rating
“Everyone⁢ should have this

This book is very informational ⁣and will make⁢ you​ see the lands of America and it’s true⁤ people completely different

Thanks for‍ fighting⁤ against the racist status quo ⁣and providing‍ connections that I‌ needed⁣ for​ my own research!

Easy ‌read, ⁣great references.”

“No one ‍is challenging ⁢this ​info. Peace and Blessings to the Gods/Goddesses! My ⁣IG: ⁢EmpressLeenah” 4/5
“Book came packaged in ‍one piece. In terms‍ of ‌the actual ‍book would have to ask the gifted.” 3/5
“Great story highly recommended to the truth⁢ seekers. We must rewrite the entire history and tell the truth and only‌ truth. Read and⁤ find​ why and ⁤how the Tartarian Civilization with so advanced technologies suddenly disappeared and ​vanished within last 150 years.” 4/5
“This author of this book uncovers the truth about‌ the true inhabitants of the America’s​ before ‌European occupation. The evidence is⁤ so ‍profound that⁤ the history that has been ​covered up and perpetuated as truth needs to be re-written.” 5/5
“Very good information on the True Old World, and ⁢mind blowing! ⁢Still ​reading at ⁢the end almost, make you really think about America and what it was standing upon.” 4/5
“Highly recommend reading this book, lots of information and⁣ links to prove validity.” 5/5

From the⁤ reviews ⁤we’ve analyzed, it’s evident that this book has made a ‍significant ⁢impact on readers‍ who are interested in uncovering the ancient roots ⁣of America. ​The positive reception can be attributed ​to the informative content, eye-opening revelations, and the call ​for rewriting history.

The book⁤ is ⁢appreciated for providing a ⁤fresh‌ perspective ‍on ⁤America and its true people, challenging ​the status quo, ⁤and offering connections that‍ aid in individual research. Many reviewers emphasize the easy readability of the ⁢book, as well as the inclusion of great ⁤references ‍to ⁢support the ‌information presented.

However, one review ⁢mentions that the physical packaging of the book was satisfactory, ⁣but their judgment on the content‌ relies on the gifted recipient. This ‍indicates a level of uncertainty⁢ regarding the⁣ book’s ​value.

Overall,⁢ the majority⁣ of‌ reviewers highly recommend this book as it provides compelling evidence that the true history of America needs to be ‌rewritten. It revolves around the uncovering of the forgotten Tartarian Civilization⁤ and its advanced technologies, shedding light on a history that has been deliberately concealed and perpetuated as truth.

The book is described as mind-blowing and thought-provoking, making readers ​critically analyze the foundations of America and the world as a whole. The abundance ⁢of information and supporting ​links adds to the ‍book’s validity and strengthens the recommendations provided.

If you’re ‍a ‍truth seeker with an interest in America’s hidden history, we suggest giving “AMERICA IS THE TRUE OLD⁤ WORLD: MU⁢ DISCOVERED (Volume I of IV)” a read.

Pros & Cons


  • Jam packed ‌with information
  • Engaging links and images keep ⁣readers engaged
  • Short read that is ‌easy to digest
  • Informative and entertaining
  • Opens‌ eyes ⁣to many new and interesting facts
  • Released in multiple volumes, allowing ‌for deeper exploration
  • Supported by authorities and⁤ references
  • Offers a different perspective on American⁢ and Ancient History
  • Destined ⁢to rewrite history


  • Short length may leave some wanting ⁣more
  • May challenge existing beliefs and require open-mindedness
  • Limited availability and distribution
  • Some reviewers question the credibility of the author
  • May not appeal to those looking for ​traditional historical⁢ narratives
  • Heavy in weight (2.31 pounds) for a paperback book


Q&A ​Section:

Q: How many ⁤volumes are there in the “AMERICA IS THE TRUE OLD WORLD: MU DISCOVERED” series?
A: The “AMERICA IS THE⁣ TRUE OLD WORLD: MU DISCOVERED”⁢ series consists of four volumes‌ in total.

Q: Is this book‌ solely based on research, ​or does it include illustrations as well?
A: This book beautifully combines extensive research with 40 color illustrations, providing the​ readers with‌ both insightful information and captivating visual aids.

Q: Can you ⁣provide more details about the⁢ content covered in ⁣”AMERICA IS ​THE TRUE OLD WORLD: MU DISCOVERED”?
A: “AMERICA IS THE TRUE OLD WORLD: MU DISCOVERED” delves into a different version of American and Ancient History⁤ that challenges‍ conventional teachings. The ​author​ presents a wealth of‌ authorities to‍ support their work and offers⁢ a thought-provoking perspective on the concept that America is the true ​old world.

Q: How long is ⁣the book?
A: The paperback edition of “AMERICA IS THE TRUE OLD WORLD: MU DISCOVERED (Volume I of IV)” spans 82 pages and ‌has dimensions of 6 x 0.2 x 9 inches.

Q: What is the recommended readership for ⁢this book?
A: This book‌ is highly recommended for truth seekers and⁣ individuals with open minds who seek to explore an alternative version of ‌American and Ancient History.‌ It’s an excellent choice for those who enjoy thought-provoking and ‍enlightening reads.

Q: ​Can⁢ you provide more ⁤information about⁤ the author?
A: Currently, not much information ⁢is available about ‍the author. However, their extensive research and profound insights showcased in this book have garnered⁣ positive reviews from readers across platforms.

A: You can find “AMERICA IS THE TRUE OLD WORLD: MU DISCOVERED”​ on websites such as Amazon and Barnes and⁣ Noble. The book is available in paperback⁣ format and can be⁤ ordered through the ISBN numbers: ISBN-10: 1513658204 and ISBN-13: 978-1513658209.‍

Ignite ⁣Your Passion

In‌ conclusion, “America ⁢is the⁢ True Old World: Mu Discovered (Volume I of IV)” is a must-read⁣ for those seeking to uncover the untold secrets of America’s ancient roots. With glowing reviews from⁣ readers who​ praise the ⁣book’s informative and entertaining nature, it’s clear that this work of research has‍ captivated many ⁢curious minds.

The author’s ‍dedication to thorough⁢ research ⁢is evident in⁤ the numerous authorities cited throughout the book, ensuring that readers can delve into the concept of ⁣America as the true old world with confidence. The presence of​ 40 ‌color illustrations‌ further enhances the‌ reading experience, transporting readers into‍ the depths of history.

As the anonymous Barnes and Noble reviewer notes, “America is the True Old World” ⁣challenges the traditional narrative taught in history ‌classes, serving as an eye-opener for truth seekers and those with‍ open minds. This book truly has the ⁣potential to​ rewrite⁤ history as we know⁤ it.

If you’re ⁢ready to embark on⁤ a journey ​of discovery ​and‌ expand your understanding of America’s ancient past, we urge you to check‌ out⁤ this fascinating ​read. By clicking on the following link, you can‍ get your hands on a⁣ copy of “America is​ the True Old World: Mu Discovered​ (Volume I of IV)”:

Uncover the Untold ‌Secrets: America’s Ancient Roots Revealed!

Allow yourself to be immersed in ‍the wealth​ of knowledge found within these pages, and ‍prepare to see history in a brand new light. Happy reading!

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