360 Rotatable Ring Magnetic Case Review: Strug for Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018)

360 Rotatable Ring Magnetic Case Review: Strug for Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018)

If you’re like us, constantly on ⁤the go and always looking ⁣for ways to make life‌ easier and more convenient, then the Strug‍ for ‍Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) Case is the perfect accessory for you. This heavy-duty⁢ shockproof protection‍ case is​ not only stylish in sleek black,‍ but it also comes with a built-in 360 rotatable ring that ‍doubles as a magnetic car mount. With versatile rotating capabilities, you can ⁣easily watch videos ⁢or play games ‍hands-free, making ​your daily commute or downtime more enjoyable. We can attest to the​ high-quality materials used in this ⁤case, providing a secure grip and protection against falls, dust, and impacts. Additionally, the included tempered glass screen protector ensures 99% HD ‌clarity and maintains the original touch experience of your Samsung ‍Galaxy A9 2018. Overall, this unique and practical design is a ⁢game-changer for those who are always on the move. ​Stay tuned for our in-depth review to learn more about how‍ this case has ‍transformed our daily⁢ routine.

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When it comes to⁣ protecting our Samsung Galaxy ⁣A9 2018, we want a case that goes above and beyond. That’s why we were thrilled to discover the Strug case. This case not only provides heavy-duty ‌shockproof protection,‍ but it also features a built-in 360 rotatable ring that doubles as a magnetic car mount. This ‍versatile design allows us to enjoy hands-free viewing of ⁤our favorite videos and games,⁢ all while ensuring our device stays securely in place.

The luxurious soft TPU and hard PC bumper of⁤ this case provide a stylish and modern look, while‌ also offering anti-slip comfort and grip. The⁤ addition of a clear tempered glass ​screen protector ensures that our screen remains scratch-free ⁣and maintains its original touch​ experience. With its unique design and high-quality materials, this Strug case is⁢ a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their Samsung ⁣Galaxy‍ A9 2018 protection game. Don’t miss out on this innovative and practical case⁤ – check it out on Amazon‍ today!

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Key Features and Benefits

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The Strug for Samsung Galaxy A9 ⁣(2018) Case offers a unique combination of‌ features and benefits that make it⁢ stand out from the crowd. The luxury soft TPU and hard PC bumper provide a high level of⁢ protection​ for your Samsung‍ Galaxy A9 2018, ensuring that ​it⁣ stays safe from impacts and shocks.⁤ The built-in 360-degree rotating ring holder not only acts as a kickstand for hands-free viewing, but also allows for ‍easy attachment to a magnetic car mount. This versatile design makes it convenient to use your phone ⁢in a⁣ variety of situations, whether ⁢you’re watching videos ⁣or navigating in the car.

Our product is not just about protection, it’s about‍ style‌ and functionality as well. The form-fitting design and fashionable modern look of the case ensure that it not only fits perfectly in⁤ your hand, but also enhances ⁢the grip with its anti-slip texture. The clear tempered⁣ glass ⁤screen protector adds an extra layer of defense, maintaining the original touch⁣ experience of your⁢ device while providing high-quality, 99% HD ‌clarity. With its hybrid armor construction, this case is shockproof, dustproof, and impact resistant,‌ keeping your ‌phone safe from everyday wear‌ and ⁣tear. Experience the ultimate protection and​ convenience with the Strug for Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) Case – ​get yours today! Check it out on Amazon.

In-Depth Analysis and Performance

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Upon closer ⁤inspection of the Strug case for Samsung Galaxy ⁣A9 2018, we were thoroughly impressed⁤ with its innovative design and high-quality‍ materials. The combination of soft TPU and hard PC bumper provides a sturdy ⁤layer of‍ protection for the device, while the ring holder adds‌ a convenient kickstand feature for ‍hands-free viewing. The 360-degree rotating capability of the ring holder allows for optimal positioning when watching‌ movies or playing games, enhancing the​ overall user experience.

One of the ⁣standout features of‍ this case is the ⁣inclusion of a ​clear tempered glass screen protector with 9H hardness and 99%‍ HD clarity. This added layer of protection ⁤ensures that ‍the screen remains scratch-free and maintains ⁤the original‍ touch‍ experience‌ of the device. Additionally, the case is compatible with magnetic car mounts, making it easy to ⁤secure the phone while driving. Overall, the Strug case⁢ for Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 offers a unique design, practical functionality, ​and ​reliable protection, making it a must-have accessory for smartphone users. Check it out on Amazon for more details and ‍to make a purchase.


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When it comes to protecting my Samsung ⁤Galaxy A9 2018, the Strug‍ case is definitely a winner. The combination of soft TPU and hard PC bumper provides the perfect⁤ balance of shockproof protection. With the added benefit of a built-in 360 ‍rotatable ring, I can easily⁣ prop up my phone to watch videos​ hands-free or‍ attach it to a magnetic car mount ​for convenient ⁣navigation while driving. Plus, ⁢the included screen protector ensures that my screen ⁤stays crystal clear and scratch-free.

One of the standout features of this case is the unique design that‌ fits​ perfectly in my hand with an enhanced anti-slip grip. ⁤The PC+TPU double layer ⁤material is not only stylish but also durable, offering protection against dust, falls, and impacts.⁣ The rotating ring kickstand is a ⁢game-changer for me, allowing me to watch movies and play games with ease. ⁤Overall, this case is a must-have for any Samsung Galaxy A9 2018‌ owner looking for both style and‍ functionality.⁣ Don’t ⁢miss out on the opportunity to grab yours today!

Customer Reviews‌ Analysis

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Customer Reviews ‍Analysis

After analyzing the​ customer reviews for the Strug 360 Rotatable Ring Magnetic Case‍ for Samsung Galaxy A9 ‌(2018),⁤ we have gathered some key⁤ insights:

Pros Cons
Strong and sturdy Screen protector may arrive cracked
Great fit and nice cover May⁤ strip easily
Good value for the price
Well-received as a gift

Overall, the majority of customers found the Strug ⁤case ‍to ​be durable and well-fitting. Some reported issues with the screen protector ‍upon ‍delivery, ⁤but appreciated the overall value⁣ for the‍ price. It seems to be a popular choice for gifting as well. However, there were some concerns about the durability of ​the case, with a few customers mentioning ⁢that it may strip easily. We recommend exercising caution when ‌handling ‍the case to prevent any‌ potential damage.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons of​ Strug for Samsung Galaxy A9⁤ (2018)‌ Case


1. 360 Rotatable Ring
2. Built-in Magnetic Car Mount
3. Shockproof Protection
4.​ Screen Protector Included
5. Stylish Design
6. Easy to Grip
7.⁢ Kickstand Functionality


1. ⁢Magnetic car mount not included
2. May ​add‍ bulk to the phone
3. Limited color options

Overall, the ‌Strug Samsung Galaxy‍ A9 (2018) Case offers⁤ great convenience with its 360 rotatable ring and built-in magnetic car mount. The shockproof protection and included screen protector make it a practical choice for protecting‍ your device. However, the lack of⁤ a magnetic car mount included, the potential bulkiness, and limited color options are drawbacks⁤ to consider.


Q: Is the Strug case compatible with the Samsung Galaxy A9 2018?
A: Yes, the Strug case is specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy A9 2018.

Q: Does⁣ the ring holder really work⁣ as a kickstand?
A:⁣ Absolutely! The ring holder on the ‍back of the ‍case ‌can be rotated 360 degrees to act as ⁣a kickstand for⁢ hands-free viewing of videos.

Q: Can the case be attached to a magnetic car mount?
A: Yes, the back of the case has a metal circular part that allows it‌ to ​be easily attached to a magnetic car mount for convenient use in the car.

Q: Is⁣ the case made of high-quality ⁢materials?
A: Definitely! The Strug⁢ case⁤ is made of a combination of soft TPU and hard⁤ PC bumper for maximum protection and durability.

Q: Does the case come with a screen protector?
A: Yes, the case includes a clear tempered glass screen protector‌ with 99% ‍HD clarity to ‌maintain⁤ the‍ original touch experience⁢ of your ⁣device.

Q: Is the case shockproof and impact resistant?
A: Yes, the PC+TPU double layer material ⁤provides⁤ hybrid armor protection‌ to prevent damage from falls and impacts.

Q: Is the case easy to ​grip?
A: The modern and fashionable⁢ design of‍ the case not only fits perfectly in your hand but also has an enhanced anti-slip grip​ for added comfort and security.

Achieve New Heights

In conclusion, the Strug ⁣360 Rotatable Ring Magnetic Case for Samsung Galaxy A9‌ (2018) ‌is ‌a stylish, versatile, and highly protective case that offers both functionality and durability. With its rotating ring kickstand, magnetic car mount compatibility, and high-quality materials, this case is sure to keep your device safe and secure.

If you’re looking for a reliable and convenient phone⁢ case that combines style with functionality, look no further​ than the Strug for Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) Case. Don’t wait any longer, protect your device in style today!

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